Feels Weird

by Bent Shapes



release date: 08-20-2013 on Father/Daughter Records (www.fatherdaughterrecords.com)


released 20 August 2013

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Ian Doerr and Evan Murphy at Mystic Steamship Company in Arlington, MA, April 2012-February 2013.
Mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering
Cover Art by Casey Spectacular
Innersleeve Art by Supriya Gunda
Additional Layout and Design by Animal Manufacturing Co.

All songs written by Ben Potrykus except “Leave It ‘Til You Need It” by Andy Sadoway, “Boys To Men” by Andy Sadoway and Ben Potrykus

Bent Shapes:
Ben Potrykus - guitars, vocals
Supriya Gunda - bass, vocals
Andy Sadoway - drums, vocals, piano



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Behead Yrself, Pt. 2
This song’s about...alright, well,
there’s things worse than failing
and I’ve got nothing but disgust--
I’m so repulsed by the “good old days,”

with kids upon kids digging in their shit
and through their trash for what they last threw away
Growing up: god it burns!
Especially in a land of such diminishing returns.

So why live in fear?
Behead yrself or be thrown clear
Some disordered portion of me tortures more than’s sporting
‘til this odd-job stopgap begets career

Why make a show of acting tough?
I’ll be at odds with my body soon enough.
18 years and no sudden moves
absconded with my confidence and most of my youth.

Repaired chips on shoulders at break-neck pace
cut off what I knows to spite my face
I’m not saying you need some deep-seated hatred of self,
but it helps.

So why live with it?
It’s always “never too late” or I don’t know when to quit
Parts of me were martyred that couldn’t begin to finish what I started
but now this profane layman knows his holy shit.

Upend yr grief: suspend disbelief.
Track Name: Big Machines
This dismal epistle
(grounds enough for my dismissal)
wherein I say,
“Things would be great if great things could stay that way”

Maybe I’m just depressed ‘cos
no one’s gonna let me starve to death,
or ‘cos I’m doing well,
so much so that I must frustrate myself.

I’m into making hungry scenes,
losing teeth through loose chattering,
and shivering in my dripping dreams,
the kind they make on big machines.

Yeah, I grew up here, but
learned English from the TV, too.
In those young, slow years
what else was I supposed to do?

It’s like all your fun-lovers
are only regional numbers:
divided parts to a sum
and vici, vidi where they’re coming from.